Laser Vein Removal

Are you embarrassed of ugly reticular and spider veins? If so, you aren’t alone! Millions of men and women worldwide suffer from this condition. While not painful, it can often keep you from living the life that you want. Many admit that they have avoided outfits or situations because of fear that they would reveal these blemishes. Luckily, if you are ready to stop hiding, we can help! We are proud to offer state-of-the-art laser vein removal treatments at SpaForever in Chicago, IL. Take back the confidence to live your life to the fullest!

laser vein removal chicago

With the help of our cutting-edge Cutera CoolGlide laser, we are able to offer a safe, non-invasive treatment for the appearance of superficial blood vessels. During your treatment, we will use a handpiece to deliver pulses of a concentrated beam of light energy to the targeted veins. This energy is attracted to the pigment in blood and breaks up the blood vessels while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. Over time, your body will reabsorb these veins, causing them to fade away.

Thanks to this system’s innovative cooling system, we are able to treat almost all skin types and tones! In addition, it is gentle enough to work almost anywhere on the body, even the face!

The entire treatment only takes about 20 minutes and is almost completely painless! The handpiece’s-gold plated cooling head protects the skin, ensuring your comfort during the procedure! Results from a laser vein removal generally take between 1 to 2 months to appear. As with many cosmetic procedures, you may require several treatments to get the best results.

At SpaForever in Bucktown and Wicker Park, our goal is to help you always look and feel your best! If you suffer from reticular or spider veins, contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get the clear, beautiful complexion that you’ve been dreaming of!

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