Cellulite Removal

Tired of those stubborn dimples in your skin? Here at SpaForever in Chicago, IL, we understand and want to help you feel beautiful and confident as ever! This is why we offer dermarollers at our med spa in historic Bucktown and Wicker Park. The derma-roller can help you get your confidence back and have your skin glowing like never before!

Cellulite is a collection of fatty tissue that gathers under the skin and begins to make the skin dimple and causes indentations. But with dermarollers, it can fix all your problem areas such as:

  • Thighscellulite removal chicago
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Stomach


Dermarolling is becoming the hottest trend in women’s skin care and is the natural alternative compared to invasive treatments. Not only is dermarolling noninvasive, but it is cost effective as well and won’t break the bank. The treatment lasts just a few minutes depending on the area and is virtually painless. Dermarollers can come in three different sizes such as 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm, depending on the area being treated. A dermaroller is a small handheld device that contains hundreds of tiny little needles that is rolled over the treatment area, creating micro-injuries in the skin. By injuring the skin, this technique stimulates collagen production in the skin, allowing for your skin to become plump and firm. The dermaroller is 360 degrees, which is perfect for those hard-to-reach, stubborn parts that you never thought you could reach!

There’s no downtime after treatment, so you are able to resume your daily activities. Skin will look slightly sunburnt but that is completely normal due to the rolling of the skin. Treatment results show up quickly and can last months before you have to go in and schedule another treatment!

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